Magma Mine Company

Since 2001, Magma Mine Company, utilizing experienced and skilled personnel, as well as owning and managing seven different mines of Calcium Carbonate and Aluminum Bauxite in Iran, has been providing its services in production, processing, and supply of various types of minerals, specifically Calcium Carbonate and Aluminum Bauxite for industrial firms in the forms aggregates, lumps or granulates.

Our activities in production and trade of minerals have made us active members of Iran-Oman, Iraq, Australia, France, and China Chambers of Commerce. Through all these years, we have been cooperating with our partners and expanding our business in different countries and this has put us amongst the top mining companies in the region.

We are interested in and open to negotiations regarding the supply and trading of minerals from Iran.


  Manufacturer of Calcium Carbonate and Bauxite.

  Unique capabilities in the field of production.

 Timely delivery of products.
Tell:+98 (71) 36490131
Fax:+98 (71) 36491324

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No.11, 4 th Floor, Shervin Office Bulding, Sattar Khan Blv, Shiraz, Iran. Postal code: 7184734798

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